The following presentations were given at the Nordocs Unconference on 1 June 2019. Some of the talks are password protected and the password is available from the Nordocs Facebook Group. 

The slides are available in pdf format for many of the talks and are linked on the associated page.


  1. Introduction to Unconference - Dr Louise Imlay-Gillespie and Dr David Guest
  2. Shared decision making - Dr Nick Zdenkowski
  3. Rural surgical training - Dr Sally Butchers
  4. The history of medicinal cannabis - Dr Bob Lodge
  5. A moveable feast - Dr Joe Duncan
  6. Modern stroke management - Dr Jowita Kozlowska
  7. Is aging a disease? - Dr Richard Lucas
  8. Bariatric surgery - Dr Gratian Punch
  9. Sawbones, Saddle Burns and Soothing Balms - Dr Neil Thompson
  10. Closing the gap in medical communication - Dr Marion Tait
  11. The psychosocial and cultural determinants of chronic disease - Dr Andrew Binns
  12. Life as a JMO in the Northern Rivers - Dr Zhi Kiat Sia
  13. Global Surgery and Timor-Leste - DrTrafford Fehlberg
  14. Graphic medicine and patient voices - Sharyn White
  15. Discharge summary or same day handover - Panel discussion