Doctors for the environment is a voluntary organisation which is affiliated with an international organisation of the same name . It works to address the diseases-local ,national and global- caused by damage to the environment, such as health problems relating to climate change and pollution .

It has recently been focusing on the potential hazards of unconventional gases eg fracking. It provides scientific evidence to government and industry to influence policies highlighting the medical importance of the environment around us.

Doctors have a good understanding of the science behind emotive issues and as respected members of society have the potential to have significant impact on local and national opinion on environmental issues.

I attended the Doctors for the Environment Conference last year and the quality of speakers was stunning eg Tim Flannery, Ross Garnaut, Greg Hunt and Richard di Natale. This reflected the importance placed on the opinions of our profession and lead to some heated discussions! I recommend that you have a look at the Doctors for the Environment Website and consider attending the conference in Sydney 14-15 March."