To Revalidate or Not
by Nathan Kesteven

Dr Nathan Kesteven

The proposal by APHRA for revalidation met with widespread resistance from the medical profession. In this presentation I will outline some of the reasons as to the flawed logic behind this proposal.

I am GP Obstetrician who works at the Dunoon General Practice and Beaudesert Hospital. Working both in private practice and the public sphere is rewarding and allows me to use a wide range of clinical skills and also observe the varied ways health is delivered. I live on a farm north of Lismore with my wife, Jessica, and our three boys.

Liver Surgery and Lismore
by Gratian Punch

Dr Gratian Punch
Liver surgery has evolved significantly in the last 30 years with a reduction in the peri-operative mortality from approximately 30% down to modern safety of 3%. This improvement has increased the use of hepatectomy in order to treat and cure both benign and malignant liver pathology. HPB surgery services have commenced in Lismore and this presentation will cover important aspects of patient diagnosis, care and allow attendees to ask any questions they would like addressed.

Caring for ourselves and each other
by Jane Barker
Dr Jane Barker

Byron Bibliotherapy - Zewlan Moor
Zewlan Moor
Byron Bibliotherapy after feedback from patients who found it helpful when I recommended specific fiction works to them. This practice came out of my background as a GP with multiple interests, mainly related to literature, literacy and reading.

Like many of you, I’ve found solace in books during difficult periods of my life. And as a GP, I’ve found reading to be useful for many of my patients as well. I really believe that for many people, the right book at the right time can provide guidance, advice and support. It’s been an interesting path to get here. 

Cannabis in Medicine
by Bob Lodge
Dr Robert Lodge

Blood Pressure Management in the office; pitfalls  in diagnosis and monitoring of blood pressure
by Venkat Manickavasagam
Dr Venkat Manickavasagam GP Referral

How to get a free CPAP machine - Joe Churton
Joe trained at University of Queensland before undertaking respiratory training largely based at Princess Alexandria Hospital.
He has a keen interest in sleep medicine having completed his sleep fellowship in conjunction with his respiratory specialisation. Joe has been working in the Northern Rivers Region for the past 2.5 years and is largely based in Lismore seeing patients at the public and private hospitals as well as having private rooms. 

The squeeze on the 15 min consultation and addressing this issue using shared medical appointments.
by Andrew Binns
Dr Andrew Binns
Andrew Binns has been practising as a GP in Goonellabah for nearly 40 years. He was the Inaugural President of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ASLM) which had its first meeting right here at the UCRH in Lismore, May 2008. He is co-editor of a book called Lifestyle Medicine (Elsevier) now in its 3rd edition. 

ASLM is now linked in with many similar organisations throughout the world.

by Siobhan Clayton
Siobhan trained at the University of Wollongong before completing her final year of training based at Lismore including a GP rotation at Kyogle. She has completed her pre-vocational training in Lismore and is pursuing a career in surgery. 

Options for securely communicating with patients
by David Guest
Dr David Guest 
The recent passage of the Mandatory Data Breach Notification amendments to the Priavcy Act has brought the issue of data security into even sharper focus. In this talk Dr Guest looks at some recently available options that can address this issue. 
David Guest has been a GP in Lismore for 35 years and has a long standing interest in information and communication technology. 

‘Understanding Iron’ 
by Louise Imlay-Gillespie
Dr Louise Imlay-Gillespie 
Louise trained at the University of Newcastle before pursuing training in Haematology largely based on the Central Coast and Royal North Shore Hospital. Having grown up in a regional area she was keen to pursue a career outside of the city and moved to the Northern Rivers in 2016 with her husband and colleague Dr Joe Gormally. 

Northern Rivers Health Directory
by Arthur Proudfoot
Dr. Arthur Proudfoot is a recently fellowed General Practitioner working at Keen Street Clinic and at the Casino Aboriginal Medical Centre.
He will be discussing/launching an innovative website in our region, GP Referral, to aid general practitioners with making effective and efficient referrals for their patients and for other specialist and allied health practitioners to provide up to date information on there field of practice/focus directly to the General Practitioners that will bring them the clients they want.

Handbook of Non-drug Intervention
by Dan Ewald
Dan is on the editorial committee of HANDI and will describe the rationale, back ground and progress of the Handbook of Non-Drug Interventions. HANDI.
This freely accessible resource reviews and presents non-drug interventions relevant to general practice using a similar evidence review approach to that used in the Australian Medicines Handbook. HANDI is now the second most frequently used site of the RACGP after the Red Book. It is a great resource with an international audience and many topics relevant to Health pathways and non-GPs.

Dan Ewald is a GP and public health physician working in main stream general practice at Lennox Head and Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service in Ballina. He is the Lead Clinical Adviser to North Coast NSW Primary Health Network and former director then chair of GP NSW. Dan is Adjunct Ass Prof Sydney University School of Medicine at the Northern Rivers University Centre for Rural Health and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors training program. Publications list.

Current health service R+D interest areas include:

  •          Patient Centred Medical Home
  •          Evidence based medicine and guideline development.
  •          Hospital Avoidance
  •          Health Pathways

Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence
by Bronwyn Hudson
Dr Brownyn Hudson 

Lightning Talks
4 minutes

The 3.5 minute guide to Lightning Talks
by David Guest 
Dr David Guest

Minions’ communication with humans
by Boyoung Kim
Boyoung Kim is an intern at Lismore Base Hospital and has an international (Korean) and rural background. She has a passion for surgery and sheep. 
"Come here her lightning talk on baa humbug". (Ed) 

The Yellow Brick Road - HealthPathways
by Sharyn White
Sharyn White is the acting CEO of the North Coast Primary Health Network and was the former Director, Systems and Services Integration of the NCPNH.
HealthPathways are designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for general practitioners but is also available to hospital specialists, nurses, allied health and other health professionals

Closing Remarks - NoRDocs
Louise Imlay-Gillespie / John Langill / David Guest