The Australian Musculo-Skeletal Network (AMSN) was developed to provide quality inter-professional development and networking opportunities for practitioners, researchers and academics engaged in Musculo-Skeletal care.
The idea of AMSN grew out of our own frustrations at the lack of true multidisciplinary events that could be found as well as the cost and inconvenience of the CPD we had to do.  Whether it was mandatory for registration or for true interest in a professional development topic, the reality was that we lost income by having to close the Practice  and plan days of away from family.  Then we spent big money on travel, accommodation and registration fees.   Sometimes it was great to get out of town for break but mostly it was an imposition.  

Based in Byron Shire, we thought to make the CPD happen here so local professionals could network and get as good an education event as they would if they travelled away.  As it turns out the events have been so attractive clinicians and researchers are travelling from all over the country to come to us Byron for their CPD.  If you were working in Melbourne in winter who wouldn’t want to come to Byron for a weekend workshop?
AMSN caters for Practitioners with a clinical emphasis on Musculo-Skeletal care such as (but not limited to) General Practitioners, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, Radiographers, OT’s, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists and other interested medical and allied health providers.
AMSN is a professional network that is free to join. At this stage we have not looked for sponsors so that we are beholding only to our members.   We keep members informed of upcoming events  and encourage interdisciplinary dialogue and the events we run are generated by needs identified by the members.
Events cost a lot less for members as well.   We have a classified section for members looking to buy and sell equipment and for those looking for locums or referrals     There are over 20 events so far on the 2015 calendar  delivered in a range of formats including: afternoon and weekend seminars and workshop, human anatomy wet-labs and eduventures where we provide education in bits over a few days while undertaking a variety of adventures.  Here to register in the musculoskeletal CPD workshop..