Mary Tolhurst-Stuart, Allan Griffiin and Neil Chapman, Exercise Physiologist

The importance of physical activity as part of a heart failure treatment plan is well recognised. In the 2011 Update to the National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Guidelines for the prevention, detection and management of chronic heart failure in Australia, it remained a Grade A recommendation. 

“All patients be referred to a specifically designed physical activity program, if available” (Krum et al. 2011).

As the year of 2014 winds down, the University Centre for Rural Health North Coast (UCRH) is celebrating an ‘annus mirabilis’ (year of wonders), having hosted its largest ever number of university clinical students undertaking placements in GP practices, hospitals and clinics throughout the Northern Rivers.

A number of UCRH placement students have graduated at or near the top of their academic programs, and more of them than ever are choosing to return here to take up work opportunities after graduation.

In addition, several major initiatives were launched, and research staff recognised nationally through prestigious grants, scholarships and appointments to high level boards.

"May you live in interesting times." - Chinese curse.

The past 18 months have been a period of imporatnt consolidation for the Northern Rivers General Practice Network (NRGPN). Our focus has been on keeping our members informed of local medical issues through GPSpeak's multiple presences of website, bimonthly online magazine and fortnightly newsletters. In September this year we extended our reach through the first hard copy edition of GPSpeak in two and a half years. This was truly the ‘re-birth’ of a legend, as the magazine had previously been published for nearly two decades, to significant acclaim.  

We believe, and certainly hope, the print version of GPSpeak will  provide a voice for GPs to make known their views on local health matters, not only to other health professionals but to the community at large.

Jullums sign at Uralba St Lismore

Lismore-based Jullums Aboriginal Medical Service celebrated an open day under its new name on 17 November with song, dance, moving speeches and an enjoyable lunch for all community members who attended.

The Jullums name is a detail of  the painting ‘Four Jullums’ which features on the signboard outside the Uralba Street premises, opposite Lismore Base Hospital.

Sharon-marie Hall


In 2009, Bessel Van Der Kolk and colleagues worked on defining Developmental Trauma for the purpose of inclusion in the DSM5. It was not included in the much-criticised 2013 update of the Manual, but real life tends to lead the way, and it is well accepted that people have been treated for this condition for some years.