The following presentations were given at the Nordocs Unconference on 1 June 2019. Some of the talks are password protected and the password is available from the Nordocs Facebook Group. 


  1. Shared decision making - Dr Nick Zdenkowski
  2. Rural surgical training - Dr Sally Butchers
  3. The history of medicinal cannabis - Dr Bob Lodge
  4. A moveable feast - Dr Joe Duncan
  5. Modern stroke management - Dr Jowita Kozlowska
  6. Is aging a disease? - Dr Richard Lucas
  7. Bariatric surgery - Dr Gratian Punch
  8. Sawbones, Saddle Burns and Soothing Balms - Dr Neil Thompson
  9. Closing the gap in medical communication - Dr Marion Tait
  10. The psychosocial and cultural determinants of chronic disease - Dr Andrew Binns
  11. Life as a JMO in the Northern Rivers - Dr Zhi Kiat Sia
  12. Global Surgery and Timor-Leste - DrTrafford Fehlberg
  13. Graphic medicine and patient voices - Sharyn White