The following presentations were given at the Nordocs Unconference on 30 June 2018. Some of the talks are password protected and the password is available from the Nordocs Facebook Group. 


  1. Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence (MATOD) - Dr Bronwyn Hudson
  2. OSA, CPAP traps - Dr Joe Churton
  3. The Wonderful World of Iron - Dr Louise Imlay-Gillespie 
  4. Liver surgery - Dr Gratian Punch
  5. HANDI - Dr Dan Ewald
  6. Bias - Dr Siobhan Clayton
  7. Secure Communication - Dr David Guest
  8. Shared Medical Appointments - Dr Andrew Binns
  9. Getting the Office Blood Pressure Right - Dr Venkat Manickavasagam
  10. Caring for ourselves and others - Dr Jane Barker
  11. Revalidation- Dr Nathan Kesteven
  12. The pharmacology of cannabis and its possible clinical uses - Dr Bob Lodge
  13. Bibliotherapy - Dr Zewlan Moor